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Trying to figure out which post secondary school to go to can be an intimidating process. Knowing which teams are recruiting which positions, possibly playing time, if the school has the academic program you’re interested in, which scholarships are available. The list is extensive. Athlete Connect makes this process so much easier. Accessing teams and increasing your opportunities to play post-secondary sport is what we help you do.


  • Increased exposure to registered coaches who access the site solely to find new talent
  • Athletes have the opportunity to log their related activities in their status feed which is accessed by coaches
  • Athletes will know when a coach has viewed their profile and when they have chosen to “Follow” your activities
  • Only the name, picture and hometown of every player is displayed until a user creates an account so your stats are protected


  • The site contains only professionally created HD highlight videos so having an upgrade package guarantees further exposure
  • The sport specific combines give athletes a realistic view of their strengths / weaknesses (compared to average statistics and other registered athletes)
  • Athletes have the ability to take as many combines as they want in order to improve on performance and track progress (which is something that coaches look for)
  • Reduce the stress of tracking down coaches mailing information by simply messaging a coach the link to your online profile

Consultation Services

  • Find out what you actually need as an athlete from people with vast experiences and knowledge regarding post secondary education and athletics
  • Learn the process of recruitment and discover the possibilities