Let us help you improve your recruiting process

Constantly finding great, new athletes

The recruiting process has become much more extensive with more athletes willing to relocate, more post-secondary options and more advances in the game itself. Some teams do not have the budget to fly all over the country, every season, to find the athletes that would fit best with their team. AthleteConnect streamlines the coach’s initial recruiting process by providing numerous athlete profiles, highlight videos and unbiased statistics.


  • First recruiting steps are all available in one spot with access to athletes across the country
  • Reduces recruiting costs by having highlight footage, 1-on-1 skills footage, sport-specific combine statistics and academic intentions on various profiles
  • Track progress and related activities of athletes whom you flag to “Follow” including game schedules and milestone achievements
  • Extend the reach of your program to athletes across the country with a detailed profile of your own

HD Highlight Reel

  • Top of the line equipment is used to create the most crisp and clear footage so coaches know exactly what is happening in the shot
  • As former athletes and current coaches, AthleteConnect’s creative team knows which footage is most beneficial to generate a clear understanding of an athlete’s true abilities
  • As athlete’s upgrade their own profiles, coaches have access to not only game highlights but 1-on-1 skills and drills footage and combine statistics / footage

Sport Specific Combines

  • Designed specifically for each sport, AthleteConnect combines include of the strength, speed, agility, flexibility components typically required in a successful recruit
  • When athlete’s post statistics on athleteconnect.ca, coaches will be informed whether they are self-reported or certified, unbiased AC stats