As a parent, naturally, you’ve got some questions.

Our unique approach will connect your Athlete to a verified Coach

Post-secondary school planning can be very arduous and confusing at times. Especially when factoring in athletic opportunities. Athlete Connect makes this process easier and safer. Privacy and professionalism is at the top of our priorities.

  • Only the name, picture and hometown of every player is displayed until a user creates an account
  • A secured login is required to access the majority of the site
  • All coach profiles are verified by our team to ensure that only legitimate university and college coaching staff members have access to athlete information
  • Unlike other social media sites, communication is only allowed between coaches and athletes (not athletes to athletes)

HD Highlight Reel

  • Purchasing an upgrade package allows the parents to watch their child play without worrying about capturing all the action
  • Our team moves around the floor to capture the best action shots and sequences
  • The AthleteConnect team has done a lot of research with coaches at the post-secondary to ensure that our videos contain all of the elements they look at during the recruiting process

Consultation Services

  • Our consultants are well versed in the recruiting process and can reduce some of the stress by walking the parent(s) and child through the necessary steps
  • We can provide extensive information on coaches, teams, realistic playing opportunities and the academic side
  • Scholarships are attainable for athletes that are able to have an organized process of what they want and our AthleteConnect team assists with this process

 We are here to connect the dots as to what the athlete needs!